Best Paid Email Site - InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one I’ve been saving until the blog got off the ground a little more, because they’ve been one of my biggest earners for a long time and I didn’t want this post to get buried down at the very start. This is one of the most popular “make money to…” sites on the net, and they’ve earned their reputation as the best paid email site and one of the top legitimate companies in the industry. Their interface is nice and clean, as you’re never confused as to what you should be doing. In addition to the “paid to read email” offers they’ve become famous for, InboxDollars also offers many of the same ways to earn as other top sites:

*SIGNUP BONUS - You’ll be credited $5 just for signing up.

1) Paid Emails - It’s really as simple as it sounds…on a daily basis you’ll get an email from InboxDollars announcing a new paid email. You simply click the link inside, a page will load up a short advertisement, all you need to do is scroll to the bottom and click a link that confirms you’ve read the email. It’s the easiest money you’ll make all day, takes about 5 seconds.

2) Paid Surveys - Daily surveys worth $0.50 each and enters you into drawings. These are usually very short surveys.

3) Cash Offers - This is an aspect that InboxDollars really shines in comparison to some other sites. The whole idea is that you signup for trial offers, and you’ll get a credit of a few dollars (some of them $10+). The coolest feature, to me, is that you can choose to only show 100% free offers, meaning things you can sign up for without having to start a free trial and then cancel it later.

4) Cash Back Shopping - Offers cash back on purchases made from large vendors such as Dell and Ebay. If you’re going to buy something from there anyway, might as well do it through here and get a few bucks back.

5) Referrals - Tell your friends and family about the site, make some cash when they sign up. Pays 10% of what your referrals earn.

I rate InboxDollars as the best paid email site on the net, and the other ways they’ve added to accumulate cash only serve to make the stronger. If you sign up for any of these sites, make sure this is one of them. Click this link to sign up - happy earnings!

QuickRewards - The Best Surveys That Pay Cash

QuickRewards is a site that’s been around since 2002, but they had slipped under my radar until a few months ago. I’m happy to report that they’ve quickly become one of my favorite survey sites, offering a variety of ways to increase your account earnings, including some of the best surveys that pay cash that I’ve taken in my years of doing this. The interface isn’t the prettiest thing you’ll ever see, but it works and makes the process easy to work with. Ways you can make some money on QuickRewards:

1) Surveys - The offer a very nice variety, including daily surveys that you can continue to qualify for until you get one. Again, these are some of the best surveys that pay cash I’ve used, and one of the easiest interfaces to use as well (if they’d just make it a little more nice to look at!).

2) Signups - You sign up for a free product, you get paid…many of these are easy pickings.

3) Daily Clicks - They ask you to click some banners at different sites for credit. I personally don’t use this one much.

4) Paid Email - QuickRewards send you an email offer, you get credit for signing up for whatever advertiser they used.

5) Various Contests, Quizzes, Games - A good selection of extras ranging from weekly quizzes to team-based games. A fun diversion.

6) Referrals - As with most survey sites, you can earn a referral fee if you sign up any friends or family. I’ve been able to get quite a few of these and it’s a nice bonus.

Best of all, the minimum payout if you use PayPal is 1 cent. When you earn any money at all, you can redeem it at any time. I love this policy and wish more sites subscribed to it. This site is very popular and even has a blog up to keep in touch with the users, accessibility like that is rare in this industry. Click this link to join up, happy earnings!

Free Online Lotteries - FreeLotto

FreeLotto is a bit of a departure from the normal surveys/prizes sites that I have posted about in the past. This site is exactly what it sounds like, an online lottery. This is an ad supported service that is completely free to use.

To enter, you first fill out the sign up form here. Then pick 6 numbers like any typical lottery, and click one of the ads they display to enter. The ads are non-intrusive and simply load inside the FreeLotto site…that’s it, you’re entered to win. You can sign up daily and win up to $11,000,000 depending on the prize given away that day. The drawing is held daily and available to monitor online, the results will also be e-mailed to you.

If you’re one to play the lottery, there is no reason to pass up a free to enter online lottery that takes just seconds to play. Good luck!

Free Online Surveys With CashCrate

CashCrate is currently one of the most popular survey sites on the net. They have a proven track record of paying, and have a very active forum community that will answer any questions you may have. There is a huge thread on the forum where existing users post their proof of payment. CashCrate follows the structure laid down by Treasure Trooper and SWATCash, offering daily surveys and cash offers. You can get paid in the following ways:

1) 2 Daily Surveys - You can try for 2 every 24 hours.

2) Cash Offers - Usually consists of taking a survey or signing up for a free offer or drawing.

3) Referrals - Pays on 2 levels, 20% for your referrals and 10% for your referrals’ referrals. If you can accumulate 50 referrals, the pay ups to 25% on the first tier.

3) Drawings - As with most survey companies, they do give the random prizes. I’ve never won anything from these, but I guess somebody does.

Proof of payment for CashCrate is easy to find, here are a couple of screenshots from the user forum:

Cash Crate Payment 1

Cash Crate Payment 2

CashCrate is one of the more enjoyable companies to participate in, partly because of the daily surveys and the active forum community. Sign up by clicking this CashCrate link, and good luck qualifying!

Synovate Global Opinion Survey Review

has been around since 2003 and always pays on time. They use a points system that converts to cash, you only need to accumulate $5 (5000 points) to request payment. You are also entered into drawings with survey completions. You should receive surveys at a moderate frequency from these guys, and most are usually worth at least 1500 points. As with most survey sites, you’ll have to qualify for the survey before taking it, but I’ve had good luck with their surveys and haven’t had too many show up that I couldn’t take. The site is 100% free, as with all the sites I give my endorsement too. This site pays in the following ways:

1) Surveys - Usually worth $2 or so.

2) Drawings - Entirely luck based and should not be counted on for consistent income.

3) Referrals - Get your friends to sign up and you’ll get credit for it.

Proof of payment below:

Synovate Paid 1

This is one of the sites that has been the most consistent about getting me surveys I qualify for. I’ve never managed to win any of the drawings, but I don’t count on ever winning any of those anyway. To sign up just click this link and good luck:

Free Sweepstakes and Prizes with IPSOS

Ipsos is a little different than the other sites I’ve endorsed here so far. Rather than earning money per survey or offer completed, you earn entries into contest drawings. As with the other sites, it’s completely free to join and will never require you pay any money for any of the surveys. Just fill out the ones you can, the more you fill out, the more chances you have to win. You should receive an invitation to at least one survey per month.

Some people like this kind of site, you spend just a few minutes per month on a survey or two and can sometimes win a pretty hefty sum, or if you’re really lucky one of their bigger prizes. It’s up to you if you fee like it’s worth it. It is free though, so if you have a little time it is another site that could possibly earn you some cash someday. There is a VIP Club at this site that you get access to if you complete most of the surveys that get sent your way for 3 months. This opens up more drawings and other benefits.

Ipsos has been around for a long time and is a reputable company. Click the link here: Ipsos if you think it sounds like something you’d be interested in. Good luck with the drawings!

SWATcash - Online Surveys For Cash

SWATcash is one of the more interesting survey sites to be a part of. Very highly themed, and I’m pretty sure these guys must be the same team behind Treasure Trooper, because there are just too many similarities to ignore. Active community forum, lots of almost RPG like titles, ranking systems…they certainly strive to make the survey experience as unique as possible. Pretty much the same concepts apply here:

1) 2 Daily Surveys - 2 chances to earn $1 every day.

2) Paid Offers - Mostly trial signups, offering varying payouts, usually $1.

3) Prize Drawings - Pure luck based.

4) PTC - Paid to click advertisements. You get 1 cent to click a link and leave it open for 30 seconds. Probably not the best use of your time, but if you’re bored…

5) Referrals - 20% of any money your referrals make is credited to your account. (To be clear, you aren’t taking money away from your referrals, you get a 20% bonus of what they make)

Proof of payment screenshots, taken directly from the member forum:

SWATcash Payment 1

SWATcash Payment 2

is solid company proven to pay time and time again. It’s completely free to use and you are never required to pay anything, so have at it, you have nothing to lose. You can signup here, hopefully you can make plenty of extra money, just keep doing those daily offers.

Survey Savvy - Surveys For Money

Survey Savvy is another of the most reputable paid survey sites out there. After you sign up you will receive invitations to surveys you may qualify for via email. The frequency of these varies, sometimes it can be pretty slow, but hey, it’s extra money when they do roll in. A couple of the best features of this site:

1) No Minimum Payout - The is really uncommon, the vast majority of any site that pays out money requires a threshold to be hit, but not here. If you earn $5 for a survey, request your money.

2) Really Good Referral Program - Pays out $2 per survey completed of anyone you refer, and $1 to you for any survey completed if any of your referrals refer someone that completes a survey. This can add up and easily make you more than completing the surveys yourself.

A couple of proof of payments:

Survey Savvy Payment 1

Survey Savvy Payment 2

The sign up process is pretty quick, probably takes 3 minutes or so to complete and then you need to verify it through your email address. The site is completely free to join, so there is no downside to signing up even if you don’t qualify for a lot of surveys right off the bat. Click here to sign up and good luck getting your invitations.

Extra Cash With TreasureTrooper

For those of you ready to dive in and get paid to do surveys, the first site I’d like to endorse is This site is completely free to use, well established, and has been paying members for a few years. It’s well designed and has a nice theme based interface. They pay by check or PayPal, and will pay you after you earn only $20. Among the ways you can get paid:

1) 2 Daily Surveys - You won’t always qualify for them, but when you do, easy cash.

2) Cash Offers - Usually involves simply signing up for a free offer that is affiliated with. Most of these will pay out 50 cents to a dollar. Easy and can add up quickly.

3) Referrals - Get your friends and family to join, and earn 20% of all the cash they earn. The easiest money of all if you know plenty of people that would be active.

4) Monthly Jackpot - Obviously you have to be really lucky to be the one member that wins, so don’t count on this one.

TreasureTrooper is reliable and pays, their forum is filled with proof of payment from it’s many members. The forum is also very active if you wish to participate in the community and learn how to make the most out of your account. Members are very helpful and will answer any questions you have. I’ve included some proof of payment screenshots below, because I know that if you’re like me, a little proof goes a long way. These images were taken directly from the TreasureTrooper forum, which has a thread dedicated to posting checks.

TreasureTrooper Proof of Payment 1

TreasureTrooper Proof of Payment 2

TreasureTrooper Proof of Payment 3

TreasureTrooper has remained one of my favorite survey sites for awhile now, and one I check daily. If you want to sign up, click here and follow the instructions. It really is easy money if you don’t mind answering some questions. Enjoy!

Welcome To the Paid Surveys Blog

I started this blog to be helpful for those of you who are wondering how to supplement your income by taking online surveys for cash. I’ve been doing this for awhile and have helped many friends get started, so I figured that this would be a good subject to tackle in my next website. I’m an online entrepreneur and I have several other online interests, but early on taking paid surveys was one of the first methods of making money online that paid off for me. It continues to provide a nice boost to my income today.

There are many misconceptions and myths involving this segment of the internet, and because of this a lot of people give up before they even start. Many of you are wary of this entire concept because it just sounds too good to be true. I mean, how can I just sit here, answer some questions, and get paid for it? Market research is a big business, and there are lots of companies willing to pay for your opinions. If you add up the time you spend filling out surveys, it’s not uncommon for one to be able to make in excess of $50-$80 an hour with the right offers. The offers are the limiting factor, many survey companies will only have a few offers you qualify for per week, and therefore your earnings potential at any one survey site will be limited in this way. The good news is that you don’t have to just sign up for one site, there are plenty to choose from.

Do not expect to get rich from these sites, they are good to make a few hundred extra dollars a month if you stick with it, but it is uncommon for anyone to be able to forge a full-time level income. There are folks out there making a few grand a month, but it’s best to keep your expectations in check and understand that several hundred dollars per month is a much easier goal to achieve. As I mentioned before, these sites are limited in the number of surveys they can offer you, and as such your income potential is married to these limits.

That being said, do not ever sign up for a paid survey site that asks you for money to access it’s database. There are many reputable survey sites that are free to join. If a site wants your credit card, steer clear. I’ll be continually updating this blog to include sites that are proven to be legitimate, and proven to pay it’s members. The only thing to do now look around the blog a bit and find some offers that interest you, then go make yourself some extra money!